No one touches my eyes!
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What is TEMCA?

TEMCA is a breakthrough technology for laser vision correction.The main difference to other lasers is that TEMCA is a 'hands free' treatment - no surgical instrument will touch your eyes. This makes TEMCA the safest and most comfortable vision correction treatment available today. Currently there are only 2 such lasers in Australia, and Laser Sight Maroochydore is the proud owner of one of these state of the art lasers.

The benefits of TEMCA:

  • Safety: Lowest risk laser treatment. Your eyes are treated with the most advanced technology available
  • Comfort: No surgical instrument will ever touch your eyes.
  • Speed: Fastest laser treatment accessible on the market.

ls TEMCA for you?

  • Do you wear glasses or contact lenses?
  • Are you short sighted, farsighted or have astigmatism?
  • Have you previously been diagnosed as not being eligible for laser surgery?
  • Have you had cataract surgery, but still require glasses to see well?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you
most likely are eligible for TEMCA treatment.

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